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Achieve Financial Freedom
In Your Retirement Years

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Retirement planning is an essential facet for business owners, guaranteeing financial security and peace of mind during the transition from an active work life to retirement.

Among the arsenal of strategies designed to save taxes and fortify your retirement, three key methods stand out: Individual Retirement Plans (IRP), Individual Pension Plans (IPP), and establishing a dividend income stream from retained earnings.

Individual Retirement Plans (IRP):

Individual Retirement Plans, commonly referred to as IRPs, offer business owners a personalized approach to retirement savings.

These plans allow for contributions on a tax-deferred basis, providing immediate tax benefits while allowing investments to grow tax-free until withdrawal during retirement.

Individual Pension Plans (IPP)*:

IPPs offer a tax-efficient way to accumulate retirement savings, allowing for higher contribution limits compared to traditional retirement plans.

With an IPP, contributions are made by the corporation on behalf of the business owner, providing a steady stream of income during retirement while enjoying potential tax deferral benefits.

Dividend Income Stream from Retained Earnings:

Establishing a dividend income stream from retained earnings is a strategic method for business owners to generate passive income in retirement.

By accumulating profits within the corporation and distributing them as dividends, business owners can benefit from dividend tax credits and potentially lower tax rates compared to other forms of income.

This approach provides a reliable source of income during retirement while minimizing tax liabilities.

Implementing a combination of these strategies tailored to your unique financial circumstances can significantly enhance your retirement readiness, ensuring a smooth transition into the next phase of your life.

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