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Webinar: Frequently asked questions

What is financial planning:

  • Financial planning is creating a plan to meet your future financial goals. Sharma Wealth Management will holistically evaluate your current financial situation and help you in achieving your financial objectives in a reasonable time frame. 

How do I know if I need financial planning?

  • Everyone should have a plan for a future. If you’re feeling anxious or uncertain about your future financial situation, we can schedule a Personalized Financial Review (PFR) to assist you in analyzing your financial situation.

What can Sharma Wealth Management do for me?

  • Here at Sharma Wealth Management, we can help you with your financial planning, retirement planning, group benefits, estate planning, living benefits, insurance, and investments.

How do I get financial planning services from Sharma Wealth Management?

  • To book an appointment, click HERE.
  • Call us at +1-905-602-9991.

What are your consultancy charges?

  • We are conducting complementary Personal Financial Reviews for educational purposes and yes, we don’t charge consultancy fees.

Is there a recording of this webinar?

  • Unfortunately, due to strict financial policies we don’t record our webinars.

I need more detailed information, are there other webinars?

  • We will host webinars biweekly. If you are interested in attending any future webinars, please sign up HERE. If you couldn’t attend a previous webinar or simply want to attend another one, you are welcome to attend our future webinars.  

I’m interested in working with Sharma Wealth Management, are you hiring?

  • If you or any one you know is interested in working with us, check out our Careers page.

Is there a minimum investment requirement to become a client?

  • Yes, the minimum investment requirement is 100k+ as a household. Contact us to get more details.

Are there any in-person events?

  • We will send out an email if we are hosting any in-person events in the future. However, we are always open for in-person appointments at our office.